Huong Nui Restaurant

Huong Nui aka Mountain Scent offers a contemporary lifestyle venue for a delightful dining experience in the middle of the mountains. We pride ourselves in the special flavours of ethnic cuisine, yet exceptionally, we also serve western dishes according to your request. Our food is prepared with dedication by a team of professional chefs with great expertise in taste of local as well as the world cuisine.

VResort kitchen garden provides all vegetables for the restaurant; this allows us to serve you fresh and tasty products every day.

Huong Nui restaurant promises to take you on an exceptional taste trip.

Special catering services and outdoor BBQ are available on request.

Chân Giờ Heo Mán Chiên Giòn

Deep Fried Crispy Wild Pork Knuckle

Bò Nướng Ống Tre

Grilled Beef in Bamboo

Cá Kho Tộ

Simmered Fish in Clay Pot

Heo Mán Quay

Roasted Wild Pork

Cơm Lam

Baked Sticky Bamboo Rice

Mẹt Heo Nướng

Grilled Wild Pork

Canh Chua Lá Nồm

Sour Leaves Broth

Bánh Chuối Nướng

Banana Cake With Coconut Sauce

Tre Xanh Bar

A perfect corner for those who seek a tranquil and relaxing space after a day of fun activities. Light snacks and special tropical drinks will fulfill your day with a peaceful mind.